Travel Details

We are planning for travel in late 2021.

Airline tickets:We use Southwest Airlines from Tampa to Havana, they allow 2 free bags.

Visa: We will purchase these at the airport at the ticket counter.

Packing: I encourage carry on when possible. I take 2 pairs of field pants, 4 shirts, underwear for each day, socks as necessary, bathing suit, flip flops, 1 outfit for dinner that I wear every night; bathing before dinner is customary. Toiletries, sunscreen, bug wipes, hat, any medications you may need. Laundry service is available for a fee, make arrangements the night before and provide laundry first thing in the morning. If you have blood sugar issues, pack some snacks. Meals are often later than we are used to.

Tips and gifts: Please realize that the hospitality is genuine and that our guides make their living from tips. I suggest $7-$10 a day for the guide, $5 a day for driver, and $1 a day per person for housekeeping; I leave this on the pillow each morning.

If you have lightly used clothes, shoes or other gifts to leave behind, you can leave them in the room on the bed upon leaving. They will find a home. You may also bring stick drives, reading glasses, books, art supplies, or other items to share with new friends you meet. Gifts are not a replacement for tips. They are a sign of friendship and should be respectful.

Currency: At this time the currency is undergoing a transition. I believe they will be using USD. Time will tell. Plan on $50 a day for incidentals, drinks, souvenirs, tips, snacks.

You may contact me with other questions via email: or text: 352-262-7300.