Here are a few of our project donations:

These pages include information about the people and projects Optics for the Tropics, Inc. has supported.  If there is a particular project that you would like to support contact us.


The Tennessee Ornithological Society provided matching funds for this project to receive five pairs of binoculars.  TOS is developing a partnership with the Hispaniolan Ornithological Society in the D.R. formally known as the Anna Belle Dod Bird Club.  The collaboration includes the University of Missouri and Vermont Institute of Natural...Read More »

Endemic birds in the Dominican Republic

Principal Investigator: Julio E. Féliz R.

Jim Wiley with the Maryland Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit is known for his long-time work in the Caribbean.  Jim identified a need on this project and hand-carried one pair of binoculars to Sr. Féliz principal investigator this research project in the Dominican Republic.

Julio...Read More »

Project Chicamocha

The conservation of two Critically Endangered dry forest birds; Niceforo’s Wren and Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird

Principal Investigators: Jorge Parra & Nicolas Davila

The birds from Colombia are seriously threatened, mainly by habitat destruction.  Little is known about the food requirements, specific behavior, area of occupancy and other ecological characteristics of many threatened species. ...Read More »

Community Project "Friends of the Birds"

Principal Investigator: Ernesto Reyes Mauriño

The Sierra de Nipe harbors a high diversity of bird species in varied ecosystems, approximately 30% of the birds of Cuba. A proposal is under way to give the area status as an Important Bird Area. The creation of a community-based project to instill knowledge about...Read More »

Migratory Birds and Forest Conservation in Western Cuba

Principal Investigator: Alina Perez (Recipient of the Association of Field Ornithologists’ 2001 Bergstrom Award.)

The unique location of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula Biosphere Reserve is one of the reasons for its importance to neotropical migratory land birds (and migrating butterflies!).  The peninsula is located at the extreme southwestern tip of Cuba and...Read More »

Park Flight International

Principal Investigator: Carol Beidleman

Park Flight international interns reunite with biologists from the United States at a workshop in Honduras to coordinate migratory bird monitoring programs across the hemisphere. Pictured from left to right are Alexis Cerezo (Guatemala) with Rachel Mazur (Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks); Belkys Jimenez (Panama) with...Read More »

Harpy Eagle Conservation Program in Ecuador

Principal Investigator: Ruth Muñiz-López

A Harpy Eagle nest with young.

Since the year 2000 we are developing in Ecuador an intensive program to project the Harpy Eagle ( Harpia harpyja ) and their habitat. The area where the program is being developed belongs to...Read More »

Bicknell's Thrush Survey at Parc National Pic Macaya in Haiti

Principal Investigator: Chris Rimmer

Five pairs of Optics for the Tropics binoculars made their way to the remote Macaya mountain range of southwest Haiti during February of 2004.  Led by the Societe Audubon d’Haiti and the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, the 8-day field expedition combined ornithological exploration and training...Read More »

Nectarivorous birds in the pollination network of the upper montane forest of the Andes.

April 10, 2014
Ms. Joni Ellis
Optics for the Tropics

Dear Ms. Joni:

I am writing to say thank you very much for your support to my project. The binoculars that Optics for the Tropics provided me were used and are still being used for students and volunteers of one of the...Read More »

International Crane Foundation Cuba Expedition

February 4-16, 2002

Since 1995,  International Crane Foundation has been supporting work in Cuba and it’s neighboring Isle of Youth to study the Cuban Sandhill Crane, an endangered subspecies or our beloved Sandhill Crane.


In the early 1950’s, an American dentist from Michigan by the name of Dr. Lawrence Wilkenshaw was...Read More »