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In North America we often take for granted the ease of obtaining resources needed for field work. In many of our neighboring islands of the Caribbean and in Latin America those resources are difficult to acquire, if not impossible. Although we share migrant bird populations, monitoring and management strategies are much better funded in the United States. If we want to protect these birds, we need to recognize the need for international partnerships. Optics for the Tropics, Inc. was formed to facilitate partnerships between research and conservation groups in the wintering and breeding grounds.


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Joni Ellis, Director

Joni became involved with bird conservation during her ten year tenure with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission where she was the statewide coordinator for bird education. She is still actively involved with Partners in Flight; a consortium of academia, government agencies and non-profits that support bird conservation. Joni founded Optics for the Tropics in 2001 to expand partnerships for birds and their habitats throughout their range. She currently serves on the board of Alachua Audubon and is restoring a 20 acre farm to longleaf pine.

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Katie Sieving, Ph.D, Treasurer

Katie is a professor in Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida. Her core research program focuses on conserving and restoring forest biodiversity, especially songbirds, in disturbed, fragmented, and otherwise human-dominated landscapes in historically forested biomes. This focus on the 'matrix' (human habitat created around what remains of natural habitats) has naturally led her to integrating biodiversity conservation in both agricultural and other types of rural lands close and far from protected areas. Current work is focused in fragmented forests, organic and conventional farm / pastoral systems in Florida, Chile, and Sumatra. Conceptually, her work is rooted in community, behavioral, and landscape ecology, and conservation biology.

Joy Hill, Secretary

Joy is a regional Public Information Director for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission where she has been employed since 1994. She is a spokesperson for the agency and is frequently quoted in the media locally, nationally and internationally. In addition to her media relations role, she coordinates and participates in information and outreach efforts in the region, including fishing derbies, conferences, meetings and speaking requests from the general public and other agencies.

Optics for the Tropics, Inc. is a not for profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida and is a tax- exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll free 1-800-435-7352 within the State. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendations by the State.

William R. Ellis: Technical Support:

Will has worked in and around computers since the mid '70's. With a B.S. in electrical engineering, Will is currently hanging his own shingle for web site development and web applications.