Environment for the Americas LogoWe are partnering with Environment for the Americas to distribute binoculars. To apply for binoculars follow this link: https://environmentamericas.org/programs/optics-for-the-tropics/

Optics for the Tropics builds capacity for bird conservation in the western hemisphere by providing quality binoculars for ornithologists in the Caribbean and Latin America. Binoculars are used for monitoring, research and education.

Small actions have grand results. We have enhanced the careers of thousands of biologists, and guides, inspired youth to consider careers in conservation, assisted in finding species in newly documented locations.

You can help by donating, purchasing our bling, or traveling with us to some of our favorite places!

Optics for the Tropics is a proud sponsor of  World Migratory Bird Day. We enhance international distribution of educational materials by sponsoring the printing of materials in Spanish for distribution to partners outside the U.S.

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